About us

Mitopics is an independent IT consulting company that provides advisory services from the combination of technical, business and legal expertise.

At Mitopics, we are passionate about the service we offer and our advice is professional and independent. These values are the core of our organisation and crucial for a successful IT projects that often consist of many aspects. Whether it’s technical, business or legal issues, IT is not confined to the structure of an organisation. What makes us unique is our ability to advise in all of these fields.

Our values

Professional and pragmatic – All our consultants have knowledge in business, information technology and law and are specialised in one or more of these specific areas. Of course we always keep our academic and pragmatic knowledge up to date.

This way you will always have the assurance of up to date advice.

Objective and reliable – Our core business is to offer independent advice to our clients. We do not sell hard or software or receive commissions; this aids us in maintaining our objectivity. Several of our senior consultants are certified.

Independent advice that fits your organization like a glove.

Ambitious and committed – We are ambitious and passionate about our work. This is evident not only in the services we provide, but also through our commitment to giving (guest) lectures at leading universities and writing articles. All our consultants are highly skilled and motivated professionals.

You benefit from our commitment.

Mitopics and art – Art is inspiring, fascinating and enriching. Investing in art and the artist, helps us see ourselves, our clients and the world in a different perspective. For this reason art is intertwined in our work environment.

Abstracted and free to think and act out of the box.