As Mitopics has several certified informatics consultants we are able to offer a set of unique services. These services are grouped in the service group Evaluation.

Audits: an independent evaluation of your situation

A second opinion gives you powerful feedback on your plans in a short amount of time but, if you require a more comprehensive and structural evaluation of your situation, then we can perform an audit.

Using a predetermined standard framework, you get a screening of your project, IT and approach. An audit give you answers to the following questions: Do you conform to laws and regulations? Is the project well documented? Are the IT project approach and results clear?

Valuations: clear well-founded valuation

In some situations, the financial worth of a software product is questioned. For example when a company goes bankrupt, during a take-over, during a change of corporate form or during a balance (re)-appreciation. Such situations ask for an expert and independent judgement on the value of your software products.

Expert opinions: Objective and thorough assessment of disputes

During IT projects a difference of opinion can arise about quality of the supplied products and services, the timeframe, the right function and the agreements made to arrange these points. In most incidences, these conflicts can be solved with the involved parties, but sometimes the conflict leads to a difficult to resolve dispute.