IT Renewal

Research shows that only 16% of IT projects are consider a success after implementation. Nearly a third of all IT projects are stopped prematurely and more than half exceed the budget, are completed late and/or haven’t met the intended outcome. (Source: Standish Group).

Our consultants have a wide range of IT project experience and are able to signal deviations in time, costs and quality, based on their experience and knowledge in different project risks and situations. This way, risks are detected early and more manageable by taking adequate measures.

Program of requirements: a clear-cut rule for testing solutions.

We see a definition of wants and needs for system selection as a selection instrument. The standard packages available in the market have a standard format. Therefore making a detailed description of the wants and needs would be cost and time consuming. We prefer to test the specific functionalities with core users at the final phase of the selection process. A decision can then be made together and the best practices of the standard software can be used.

Using branch specific reference models, knowledge of business control and common solutions available, Mitopics can determine the wants, needs and key processes. We use the expertise of our clients, combined with our experience of the process and skill of translating the wants and needs into a usable description for system selection.

Package and partner selection

Mitopics has developed a targeted selection approach based on market research, branch specific reference models, quotation norms and balanced contracts. Therefore field expert advisers are able to give adequate guidance when choosing a suitable system.

Mitopics has developed such an approach on the basis of reference models, balanced contracts and wide knowledge of branches, processes, the hardware and software market, suppliers and their products. After the client’s requirements have been determined, a list of appropriate hardware and/or software can be drawn up. Next, these products can be examined in more detail through supplier demonstrations, which are attended by both the client and Mitopics. Our consultants are able to assess the value and accuracy of what is presented and determine if technical or organisational adjustments would be necessary. Besides this, the continuity of the suppliers’ business is considered.

Beyond the selection track, Mitopics assists with drawing up Requests for Proposal, negotiations and writing contracts. During the negotiation phase, the proposals are  significantly tightened on content, conditions and price. The right approach, experience and knowledge of the market ensure a fair agreement.

As an intermediary, Mitopics can care for suitable soft- and hardware solutions and the right choice of partner, against fair conditions and price. We also ensure a short turnaround of the selection process. Besides this, Mitopics can maintain the various supplier contracts so that the client is not unnecessarily burdened by this.

Project and implementation guidance, results in successful IT projects

IT projects are usually characterised by complexity, uncertainties and the involvement of various parties. Within the organisation the parties important issues are, project structures, communication on progress and support for the project. In many cases, external parties are also involved, which means control of planning and results are particularly important. Project and implementation support by Mitopics involves specific attention to the aspects mentioned here. This is a maximum guarantee for achieving the intended results within budget and time limits. This support can be provided through project management, interim management, membership of a project management group or steering committee, or through a sounding board or quality assurance role.

Mitopics’ implementation support may include, among other things, heading an organisation’s architecture projects or migration tracks. But our consultants are also experienced in branch-level projects. Examples of activities in this field are feasibility studies and projects on knowledge.

Implementing new systems or technology requires close coordination of both the internal project organisation and the performance of external parties. Organisations often lack capacity to realise this kind of coordination adequately. Mitopics is able to bring in experience as well as capacity necessary for a successful implementation project.

Besides supporting or leading projects, Mitopics is able to provide interim management, for example when an IT manager is needed on a short term for setting up, managing or improving IT management or IT infrastructure.