IT renewal asks for considerable investments which are not without risk. Investing in IT demands the right procurement track and clear agreements on intended results and cost control.

Mitopics will gladly help you in choose and implement the best options for your company.

In- or Outsourcing

Many organisations are professionalising their procurement processes or reassessing their entire vision of procurement. Important questions here are what can be considered as the core business and what the estimated benefits and disadvantages of sourcing are. Outsourcing is not the only option, offshoring or shared service centres could also be a possibility.

Is working with a third party not an advantage and would you prefer to keep your procurement in the company?  Then in-sourcing could be a better option for you. For instance, Mitopics could also help you in setting up the demand organisation.

European Tendering

Since 1994, public bodies and many government-related organisations, are legally liable to procure in accordance with the European Tendering regulations when a certain cost limit is exceeded. These regulations prohibit negotiations: the order has to be assigned to the supplier with the best fitting or least expensive offer. Long-term framework agreements have also been banned. This calls for some thorough preparation. The Request for Proposal (RfP) needs to contain all specifications as well as the selection and award criteria. The complexity of IT and IT-related services calls for creativity and a well thought-out procurement strategy.

Mitopics is able to help formulate specifications, determine quality demands and draw up contracts that fit the specific situation. Besides this, Mitopics knows how to execute the actual tendering procedure, including the legal constraints.

Contract management

Selecting a form of procurement is often followed by contract management. Signing a contract is only the beginning of the cooperation between client and supplier. It is important to pay attention to deliveries and service in order to maintain the right balance between quality and price and to ensure that any changes are implemented properly in the client-supplier relationship and the deliverables (products and services).

Mitopics has regularly performed audits and second opinions in the areas of procurement and sourcing. Mitopics provides the following training: Information Service Procurement Library (ISPL).

All of Mitopics’ consultants are ISPL Foundation-certified, including our legal staff. Besides this, Richard Heijne den Bak has been certified as an ISPL Manager, being one of few in Europe.