“In Alice in Wonderland, she reaches a crossroads where she asks the Cheshire cat, who’s lounging in the tree, which road she should take. Depends, says the cat. Where do you want to go? Doesn’t matter, says Alice. Then every road is good, advises the cat. As long as I end up somewhere, adds Alice. That shouldn’t be a problem, ensures the cat, as long as you carry on walking.”

Improving your information facilities requires a clear vision on the targets, management of the organization and an insight into the correlation of the flow of information, data, systems and the underlining infrastructure

Screening & designing information facilities

Mitopics has numerous years of experience in screening of information facilities and IT in organisations. Mitopics advisers use all their knowledge and experience to supply and an information facility that with the companies processes. Applications are never stand alone; they are part of a well thought out construction.

A Mitopics consultant can screen your current information facilities; organisational management and IT infrastructure and with you make a memorandum for the future, construct your IT-policy in an information plan and/or design the architecture of your information facilities.

Preliminary study & IT policy

A preliminary study of your computerisation can help you to re-evaluate your current information services and automation, and provide you with advice for improving these systems.

Using these improvements and taking into account the plans for the organisation and IT possibilities and developments, it is possible to create a vision for the company.  We call this IT policy. And using this policy we help create an improvement plan for your computerisation for the coming years.

Change Management

To effectively apply changes in the information services you need to apply the right form of change management. Taking into account the present visions and work process, dealing with resistance to change and the wishes of the user, Mitopics is often called in to, not just form the changes needed, but also to guide the changing process.

Mitopics regularly executes audits and second opinions on the above mentioned fields. We also provide training courses and workshops, for instance a post-hbo study Information Management.