Meet Mitopics

IT consultancy Mitopics contributes for over 25 years to the success of organizations. Mitopics provides independent IT advice from the combination of technical, business and legal expertise

Do you need independent, expert advice? Meet Mitopics. We are IT professionals who help companies with complex choices, from the combination of technical, business and legal expertise. Mitopics helps organizations that want to take a step forward. Then it is nice to work together with specialists who can actually take your organization to a higher level and give you a grip on IT.

The services of Mitopics consist of:


Innovation, growth and development within your organization require adjustments in your IT. Upgrading or renewal of your information systems ensure greater reliability and continuity. For example if you want to innovate your processes or if you have to deal with external requirements through a merger or collaboration with third parties. Whether you are considering outsourcing your IT, the choices you out? Mitopics please help to lay a solid foundation for these innovations within your IT organization into a strategic plan.

Purchasing, Tendering and Outsourcing

You want to purchase, contract or outsource ICT-related products or services. Such as applications, infrastructure or management. Because existing solutions no longer meet the requirements, the contract has expired or because you have decided to no longer carry out certain IT tasks internally. When you opt for new ICT, you opt for innovation, the latest trends and solutions, lower costs, fewer risks and better manageability. When purchasing, tendering and outsourcing ICT, it is important that you know which choices you have.

Selection and renewal

An important application or software package in your company needs to be updated. For example because the customization has become uncontrollable, your organization is innovating, other demands are placed on the business operations or you want a modern and complete solution, such as those that are already available on the market. Are your programs still running internally or do you prefer to switch to a cloud solution?


If you want to arrange your ICT professionally, you need good agreements for that. Perhaps you have received a proposal with contract documents and an SLA that you are wondering if you can accept it. Or your existing agreements and SLAs are unclear and offer insufficient support. Mitopics advises and supports organizations when it comes to keeping a grip on the current agreements with suppliers.


As an organization you have to deal with processing of customer and personal data. Privacy is therefore also an important subject for you. First of all, you will see where relevant in your organization this is, to the information flows, where can and should you take measures? That is not easy, and with the new regulations in 2018 the bar is even higher. How do you handle privacy-sensitive data and how can you prevent claims or data leaks?


You want an independent and expert assessment in the field of ICT. For example on a plan, a quotation or agreement or on contract documents. Or perhaps on your entire ICT organization, ICT costs or valuation / valuation on an ICT object. You can also enter a dispute situation in which you want an expert report on your position. Mitopics assesses all kinds of ICT processes on functionality, quality and feasibility.


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